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the black session

by jordi kuragari

have you ever met someone like that someone to make you fly someone to make you wanna die someone to make you crazy someone to make you so hazy playing all your strings just like a puppet have you ever felt helplessly happy someone to take all your dreams someone to flood your mind someone so exciting someone totally frightning keeping your strings tight just like a puppet cannot think anymore can’t control myself i’m so happy everyday being just a puppet can’t help feeling this way no room for other thoughts happy being played just like a puppet
faith is a journey that never ends you keep on walking through the steppes of life you’ll find your own route underway you have to look for your path all by yourself faith is a puzzle and it will take forever to solve and to match all the parts that you see too many tiles lying all around can you make out a picture faith is a question that you have to keep asking even if there’s no one around the answer lies in yourself alone you better listen closely to your inner voice faith is a riddle without a solution many answers fit, there’s more than just one truth but keep on going on this path to yourself this quest is what you should live for
lay a coat over me take me closer to your heart let me feel the warmth again show me how you feel can’t tell you how i think can’t show you how i feel can’t reach you far out there trapped in my inner self i need your strength i need your heart beating don’t think i would not listen don’t think that i don’t care lay a coat over me take me by your hand guide me through this outer world ‘cause i don’t see it straight though i don’t see you fully though i cannot understand though i won’t know you clearly i feel your warming hand i need you there beside me i need to show to you i need you all around me all around my outer self
there will be rain falling on this town there will be rain falling down there will be rain in the city of tears there‘ll be storm driving you out there will be rain falling down on us washing our lifes away there will be storm in the streets all day pushing you back from me remember me, we never met another life starts again we are the same and we will be one there will be rain falling down on us all there will be rain in your lifes there will be fire burning the lies there will be life once again when we meet face to face we won’t be the same but you can count on this once thing we will be meeting again never again will i be there for you never again will i be fooled never again will do as you say i will never return to you i will never return you are free to do as you please you are on your own for good never again will i be there for you i will never return to you i will never return this is the end of the line for me it is time to push back there will be rain falling down on us all... there will be rain falling down on us all...


in january 2019, the jordi kuragari band recorded and filmed 7 tracks for videos, to be released over the course of 2019. this album features the six original tracks (the cover version of steve hackett's "darktown" can be found on youtube)


released March 8, 2019

jordi kuragari - vocals guitar
mike nuhn - guitar keys
leander reininghaus - bass
lucas zacharias - drums


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jordi kuragari Berlin, Germany

to define the music of guitarist, writer and composer from berlin, in terms of genre would be difficult. starting with rock and alternative, most of all progressive rock and soundtracks are the most important inspirations for his soundscapes and spheric-guitarladen compositions.

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